This post brought to you by Red Wine.

Things I like:

bagel chips and goat cheese

red wine

diet coke

man leg

short shorts that show off man leg

Shahs of Sunset

fast forward

red wine from a box

festive holiday headware

cookie dough slim fast bars

Christmas trees

Christmas lights

red wine from a black box

Things I DO NOT like:

fruit on salad

itchy feet

Real Housewives of Anywhere

The feeling my hands get when I really need to wash them

When I forget I can’t fast forward because I’m watching in real time

mother fucking stupid customers 

working on weekends

Kay Jewelers commercials

people who post their grades on facebook

going to court for speeding tickets

This is all. Thank you and you’re welcome.


About theguildedblog

Anxious, Boisterous, Curvaceous, Discursive, Eccentric, Fickle, Gregarious, Histrionic, Improper, Jovial, Klutzy, Loyal, Mellifluous, Nebulous, Optimistic, Personable, Quirky, Raucous, Sassy, Tolerant, Understanding, Veracious, Wry, Xerotic, Yearning, Zesty Just tryin' to make it work y'all.
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