Cry Baby

So guys… I have this issue…

I cry over nothing.

I’m not even kidding you. NOTHING.

Well, not really nothing. But definitely over what some might consider nothing. This is a new thing for me. I used to cry over normal things, you know… sad movies, funerals, fights with parents/boys, emotional NORMAL sort of things. But in the last couple years I have started crying over really bizzarre things. And when I say bizzarre, I mean weirder than Lindsay Lohan getting sober and off probation…

So before we get down to the (ever growing) list, let me just explain how this all goes down. This is not a cry that I work myself up into… this is a cry that sneaks up on me and leaves me with absolutely no time to bite down on my tongue and try to get myself to stop. Like, event happens and within SECONDS I have a lump in my throat the size of a golfball and my eyes are literally welling over with tears. This has proven to be a bit of a problem because as you’re about to read, sometimes these are not events I can control being around… they just happen. And there I am, crying like a baby for what seems to everyone else to be absolutely no reason at all.

So without further ado, here we have: Things that I inappropriately cry over.

1- Dog shows.

Not because I’m all for animal rights or something, but because I love dogs so much and they are all just so damn cute that apparently, it brings me to tears.

2- Taylor Swift receiving any award.

I call it the “pride cry” y’all… I think it’s because deep down inside, I think we’re sisters.

3- Watching any of my friends perform anything.

Pride cry again folks.

4- The Nutcracker

Maybe it’s nostalgia? Or being jealous I’m not on stage too? Or perhaps just reliving the time that dance studio I taught for performed The Nutcracker ON A STAGE IN THE MIDDLE OF A MALL (NEXT TO A TARGET). (this one is a legitimate horrific memory because it was, overall, the most embarrassing production of anything I’ve ever been involved in… so maybe this cry has a little bit to do with trauma?)

5- Dogs 101

Yes, the tv show. Again, the dogs are just so damn cute!

6- Credit Card commercials during the Olympics.

You know the ones I’m talking about… where the athletes are being all amazing and then they talk about the moms? Yeah. Uncontrollable tears after those.

7- Acapella groups performing pretty songs

I don’t know why, it doesn’t even have to be a sad song, but it just gets me every time! I even cried while watching people sing in Pitch Perfect the other day… not even live singing!

8- Seeing people wear wedge sneakers.

(ok I lied, this just makes me WANT to cry because they’re so damn ugly.)

9- (this one is the real kicker y’all…) Santa

Only Santa in real life, not Santa on tv or anything… But twice now this season, I have seen Santa in person and burst into tears. Once just walking to get coffee from my shop we passed each other on the sidewalk and I lost it, and the next time at the Symphony with my parents… Santa walked out on stage during the last medley of songs and suddenly, out comes my cork and down come the tears! There is really no good explanation for this one. Except that I must just really like Santa because it is always a happy cry rather than a sad/scared one!

My delightful sister took a picture of that last one but I am techo-challenged so I don’t know how to get it off instagram soooooo… I can’t share it with you. (damn…) but you can check her out (@Lynnnna) and see if you feel so inclined.

So there you have it… the current list of BS things that make me cry. Thank goodness I don’t embarrass easily or I’d be screwed. I will admit though, I am totally nervous about the next time I see Santa in public…

UPDATE: Christmas happened and I cried once more upon seeing Santa through a window… while at work… in front of customers.

Also, I remembered a few more things that make me cry:


-Hymns at church

-Marching Bands

-Singing Christmas carols at church on Christmas eve


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2 Responses to Cry Baby

  1. Alicia says:

    Old men make me cry, especially if they are struggling to get around or confused. 😦

  2. pitch perfect makes me cry too…….i think it’s all the references to the breakfast club, and the music or something…..

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