Just call me MaryLaura

soooo… this just happened:

Mere: what if the world ends
in 1 hr and 39 min

Me: well… it already tomorrow in a lot of places
and they’re fine
i don’t know why they’re gonna end the world once its tomorrow here
sounds like a dumb plan
Mere: but its central time
for the mayans laura
Me: yes, but mere, the mayans are all dead
so clearly they didn’t predict things well
or they would have predicted their own end
and done something to try and stop it
Mere:oh bc u can stop space
you can’t do that laura
Me: oh good grief.
the world is ending and im pregnant with jesus.
Mere: whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Me: well there is no scientific reason for me to be pregnant
Mere: but u are?
Me: but i’m having all these pregnancy symptoms
like im tired all the time
and im craving the dumbest food
like, i went and got bagel bites last night
Mere: and crying
Me: bc i was craving them so hard
and yes, crying over nothing
Mere: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Me: so clearly im pregannt with BJC
baby jesus christ
today at work i was changing all the words to songs to be about me and BJC
all the christmas songs
just call me MaryLaura
please make this ablog
bc this is getting OC
Me: hahhaha
Mere: or iwill post this entire convo
Me: i mean
you can
i already had it with my boss today
Mere: hahah ummmmmmm.
Me: shes who i was singing the songs to
and then i told my mom
and she told me i was actually probably pregnant with the anti christ and thats why the world was ending
i mean, i went to kroger in rest pants with no panties last night to get bagel bites
Mere: it is the end of the world!!!!
Me: and i walked out with bagel bites, chips and queso, beanless chilli, and coconut milk ice cream
Mere: ohhhhhh that sounds like a love binge
Me: what??
Mere: that is called a binge
binge yes binge
you binged?
is that even a word
Me: no, bc i didn’t eat all that
only the bagel bites
As per Mere’s request… convo now blogged for us to remember forever. Or for the next 10 min until the world ends.

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Anxious, Boisterous, Curvaceous, Discursive, Eccentric, Fickle, Gregarious, Histrionic, Improper, Jovial, Klutzy, Loyal, Mellifluous, Nebulous, Optimistic, Personable, Quirky, Raucous, Sassy, Tolerant, Understanding, Veracious, Wry, Xerotic, Yearning, Zesty Just tryin' to make it work y'all.
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2 Responses to Just call me MaryLaura

  1. amduffy says:

    Wtf is beanless chili

  2. Marianne says:

    That was one of my favorite days. My face hurt from laughing.
    ~The Boss

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